John Grosvenor Wilson



by John Grosvenor Wilson

O voice of the people, now thunder
For brotherly love;
O freemen, forever tread under
Your hate, rise above
The promptings of greed and of malice,
Declare to the world, --
Behold we have drained the red chalice
And down it is hurled!

O victors, cry out to the conquered, --
The fight has been fought,
The Union is safe and fast anchored,
Fair Freedom is wrought,
And, brother, the old love is strengthened,
Thy blood is our own,
Together our days shall be lengthened,
And peace shall be known.

Hark, hark, from the Southland the murmur
Of Industry's horde;
The hammer and plow they grasp firmer
Than ever the sword;
See! white men and black men as neighbors,
All lending a hand,
As Hercules toiled at his labors,
Transforming the land.

And South winds, and winds of Atlantic,
And winds of the West,
Blow only one flag, one gigantic
Free flag that is blest;
Its stars are the stars of the morning,
Its stripes are the rays
That herald the day that is dawning --
The sun that shall blaze.


Lyrics Of Life
Copyright 1886
Caxton Book Concern, Limited, New York