James Whitcomb Riley



When Age Comes On

by James Whitcomb Riley

When age comes on! --
The deepening dusk is where the dawn
Once glittered splendid, and the dew
In honey-drips, from red rose-lips
Was kissed away by me and you. --
And now across the frosty lawn
Black foot-prints trail, and Age comes on --
And Age comes on!
And biting wild-winds whistle through
Our tattered hopes -- and Age comes on!

When Age comes on! --
O tide of raptures, long withdrawn,
Flow back in summer-floods, and fling
Here at our feet our childhood sweet,
And all the songs we used to sing! ...
Old loves, old friends -- all dead and gone --
Our old faith lost -- and Age comes on --
And Age comes on!
Poor hearts! have we not anything
But longings left when Age comes on?


Riley Love Lyrics
Copyright 1899
The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, U. S. A.