Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson



Found Frozen

by Helen Hunt Jackson

She died, as many travellers have died,
Overtaken on an Alpine road by night
Numbed and bewildered by the falling snow,
Striving, in spite of failing pulse, and limbs
Which faltered and grew feeble at each step,
To toil up the icy steep, and bear
Patient and faithful to the last, the load
Which, in the sunny morn, seemed light!

And yet
'T was in the place she called her home, she died;
And they who loved her with the all of love
Their wintry natures had to give, stood by
And wept some tears, and wrote above her grave
Some common record which they thought was true;
But I, who loved her last and best, -- I knew.


Copyright 1888
Roberts Brothers, Boston