Caroline Bowles Southey



The Mariner's Hymn

by Caroline Bowles Southey

Launch thy bark, mariner!
Christian, God speed thee!
Let loose the rudder-bands;
Good angels lead thee!
Set thy sails warily,
Tempests will come;
Steer thy course steadily,
Christian, steer home!

Look to the weather-bow,
Breakers are round thee;
Let fall the plummet now,
Shallows may ground thee.
Reef in the foresail, there!
Hold the helm fast!
So; let the vessel wear;
There swept the blast.

What of the night, watchman?
What of the night?

Cloudy; all quiet;
No land yet; all's right.

Be wakeful, be vigilant;
Danger may be
At an hour when all seemeth
Securest to thee.

How! gains the leak so fast?
Clear out the hold;
Hoist up thy merchandise,
Heave out thy gold.
There! let the ingots go;
Now the ship rights,
Hurra! the harbor's near!
Lo, the red lights!

Slacken not sail yet
At inlet or island;
Straight for the beacon steer,
Straight for the high land;
Crowd all tliy canvass on,
Cut through the foam;
Christian! cast anchor now,
Heaven is thy home!


The Floral Wreath Of Autumn Flowers
Copyright 1850
Detroit: Kerr, Doughty and Lapham