Words Extracted From The
Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

Mammoth Censored Word List (343,463 Words)

10 letter words ending with ns in the mammoth censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ns and are 10 letters long contained within the censored mammoth word list.

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1,102 Words

(0.320850 % of all words in this word list.)

abductions abjections abolitions abruptions abscisions abscissins academians acalephans acarideans acaridians accensions accessions accordions accretions actuarians actuations acylations adaptogens addictions adductions ademptions admissions admixtions adorations adrenalins adulations advections aerotrains affections afflations affluxions aflatoxins afternoons afterpains agitations alectryons allantoins allethrins alpenhorns amazonians amidations aminations amphibians amygdalins amylopsins animations animatrons annelidans anthelions anthocyans anthozoans anthozoons antiauxins anticodons antigluons antimycins antiscians antitoxins antivenins apathatons appertains apportions aquaporins arcuations arenations arylations ascensions ascertains aspersions assertions astrachans astrakhans asyndetons attentions attritions attuitions autolysins automatons autotoxins aventurins avigations avocations backchains badmintons baisemains bakingpans baldachins baldaquins balections balmacaans bandoleons bandoneons bandonions bandwagons baragouins barbarians barpersons barracoons basilicons battalions bazillions benightens bijections bilections bilirubins bioregions bioweapons birdbrains bisections blackbeans bleomycins boatswains bobbejaans bolections bombardons brandirons brannigans brasileins brazileins breakdowns breakevens breastpins brickkilns bringdowns broadbeans bromations bromelains bromeosins brondyrons broomcorns brumations buckthorns bufotalins bufotoxins builddowns bullations cacodemons caecilians caesareans caesarians cancrizans candlepins caparisons capsaicins carbanions carnations carnelians carrageens caseations cassations castellans catabolins catamarans cathepsins caucasians caudations causations celloidins centurions cercarians cessations chaetodons chalazions chalcogens chameleons chamfrains champaigns charlatans chatelains chawbacons checkreins chelations chelonians chieftains chilblains chiliagons chiltepins chincapins chinkapins chromatins chromogens ciclatouns ciliations cisplatins clampdowns clarendons clavations clavicorns cleanskins clearskins clevispins climbdowns clinicians closedowns cloudtowns cnidarians coalitions cobalamins cocaptains coccidians cockswains coemptions cognations cognitions colcannons collations collegians collisions collodions collusions commotions communions companions concisions conditions confusions conglutins connations connexions constrains contagions contusions cornelians cornichons cornopeans corrasions corrosions cosmotrons cotillions cotyledons countdowns courtesans courtezans crackdowns cremations crenations criterions cromagnons crossveins cupferrons curtations curvations custodians cyberporns cybrarians cyclotrons cystideans cytokinins cytolysins cytotoxins dalmatians damaskeens damasquins damnations dandelions darnations dealations decapodans decathlons decelerons deceptions decessions decillions decoctions decursions deductions defections deflations deflexions defluxions dejections delapsions demersions demissions dentations dentitions depictions depletions desertions detections detentions detersions detorsions detortions detritions detrusions deviations diachylons diacodions dibekacins dictations dictyogens dietarians dieticians dietitians diffusions digestions digitalins digitonins digitoxins dimensions diosgenins directions disburdens discommons disordains disprisons disseisins disseizins diversions divulsions dodecagons dormitions doubletons duralumins dynorphins dysbindins dystopians ecoregions ectotoxins ectropions educations effluxions egressions eiderdowns eirenicons eledoisins elevations elixations elocutions emanations emications emplectons emulations emunctions encheasons encolpions encrimsons encurtains endecagons endenizens endorphins endotoxins endungeons energumens enheartens enlightens entertains entheogens entropions ephemerons epicureans epilations epinicions epinikions epithetons epulations epurations ergotoxins eruditions estuations etchplains eubelodons euchlorins eumelanins eutherians evagations evanitions evergreens evitations evocations evolutions exanewtons exarations excambions exceptions exclusions excretions excursions executions exemptions exorations expansions expiations explosions expulsions exsections exsertions extensions extortions extrusions exudations eyestrains falcations faulchions feedgrains fellations fibrillins filiations filigrains fillipeens firethorns firstborns flagellins floorplans florideans flotations fluxations flyscreens foetations foliations forebrains forecabins foretokens formations foveations francolins freemasons frigatoons frogspawns fryingpans fumonisins fungations furcations galdragons garryowens gazillions geartrains gemmations genisteins genotoxins gentlemens geologians gerfalcons gestations glyptodons goitrogens gorgonians gradations grapeferns grapeskins greenhorns grimalkins grivations grosgrains guitarrons guncottons gustations guttations gyrfalcons habergeons hacquetons haemateins halogetons handbasins handsturns harebrains harlequins harmattans hartshorns heartburns heartikins hecogenins heliozoans hemolysins hemotoxins hepatoxins herbarians hexathlons hindbrains hinderlans hinderlins historians hobgoblins homotoxins homousians honeymoons hoolachans horsebeans hortations hotbuttons hydantoins hydrations hydrozoans ibuprofens ichneumons idioticons iguanodons imitations immersions immissions immunogens impactions impassions impletions implexions implosions impulsions inanitions incautions inceptions inclusions incretions incursions indentions indictions indigotins indirubins inductions infections inflations inflexions influxions ingestions injections insections insertions intensions intentions interjoins interloans interveins intorsions intortions intrusions intuitions inunctions invections inventions inversions irisations irruptions isocyanins isokontans isolations iterations jactations jawbations jellybeans jerfalcons kanamycins kazillions kenotoxins keybuttons kilderkins kloochmans knockdowns krummhorns lacertians lactarians lactations lallations lamebrains laminarins lamingtons landammans lanthanons laodiceans largitions larvaceans laterborns latrations laudations laypersons leviathans librarians librations lineations liquations litterbins livraisons longicorns luciferins luctations mactations magnetrons malathions mammalians mandilions mandylions mangostans manhattans mannequins marsupians mavournins medaillons medallions mediations melatonins mellotrons melocotons melphalans melungeons mentations merbromins mercaptans mermaidens meropidans metarchons metformins metheglins metricians microloans migrations milkwagons miniations misassigns misbuttons misdemeans misgoverns mishappens mislippens misreckons mitomycins modillions molluscans molluskans monoxylons morphogens morticians mucinogens multiturns musketoons muskmelons mycomycins mycotoxins myoglobins myrobalans narrations nebenkerns neckchains nemerteans nemertians neologians neonomians nervations nervepains neurations nictations nightgowns nightpains ninhydrins nipperkins nitrations nonactions nondomains nonillions nonmoderns nonmotions nonpersons nonsummons nonvirgins nunnations nutritions obductions objections obreptions obsessions obtentions obtrusions obventions obversions obviations occlusions octillions octopodans oestrogens offseasons olecranons oleoresins olfactions onionskins operations orangutans oratorians orpharions outbrazens outdesigns outreasons outreckons outreddens outstrains ovalbumins overcleans overgrains overgreens overlearns overripens overstains overtrains ovulations oxacillins oxidations ozonations pademelons padymelons palankeens palanquins palmations palpations palytoxins pandations pantaleons pantaloons parathions parischans partitions pastedowns patricians pediplains pellagrins peltations pendragons peneplains penstemons percherons perditions perfusions periscians perlemoens persimmons pertusions pervasions phasedowns phaseolins phellogens phelonions phenolions phenytoins phlorizins phonathons phonations photoscans phthaleins phycocyans physicians phytotrons pickaroons pinacolins pinkertons pinnations pistareens pituitrins placations planarians planations plexcitons plications plumbicons pnictogens pokelogans polaritons pollusions pollutions polyanions polymyxins porcelains poriferans porphyrins praenomens preassigns precisians precisions predations predesigns prefixions prehardens prelations prelusions premotions prenotions preobtains preoptions preordains prescreens preseasons prestrains pretorians previsions prewhitens princekins privations proactions probations procaryons profusions progestins prokaryons prolactins prolations prolusions promotions pronations pronghorns prooemions properdins propodeons prorations prosimians prosodians prosthions protistans protozoans protozoons provisions ptarmigans puftaloons pulsations purgations puromycins pyramidons pyrethrins pyridoxins pyrotoxins pyroxylins quadrumans quarendens quercetins quercitins quintroons quotations quotidians quotitions raciations radiations radiothons radiozoans reabandons readjourns reauctions rebargains rebbetzins rebellions reboations rebroadens recaptions recautions recensions receptions recessions reclusions reconjoins reconsigns recursions redactions reductions reeditions reexplains refashions refections reflations reflexions refreshens reguerdons reheartens rejections relictions relightens remissions remoistens renditions repatterns repletions reptations reptilians repulsions requickens resections resharpens resnatrons restations restiffens retentions rethickens retightens retorsions retortions reversions revulsions rhipidions rhodopsins ribavirins ricegrains rifamycins rosanilins rotiferans rubricians ructations ruinations saccharins sacristans saintfoins saltations salvarsans salvations samaritans sandthorns sannyasins sapogenins sapotoxins saprozoons saskatoons satiations saucissons saxitoxins scalations scarfskins schatchens sclerotins sconcheons scorotrons screwbeans scrumdowns scuncheons scutations scutcheons seadragons secessions seclusions secretions sectarians securitans seductions selachians selections selfcleans selflearns semicolons sensations septations seriations serotonins serotoxins serrations seventeens shakedowns sharkskins sheepskins shootdowns shortgowns shorthorns shubunkins sidechains sigmations sigmatrons siltations simpletons singletons sinuations sisomicins situations slammakins slinkskins sloethorns snakeskins sociations solenodons solvations sooterkins sortations sortitions soupspoons sovereigns soveriegns spadassins spelldowns spellicans sphenodons spillikins spirations spleuchans sporozoans squillions stanchions standdowns stasidions stepbairns steradians stillborns stinkhorns stockhorns stramacons stramazons striations strictions strontians subactions subalterns subdeacons subdomains sublations submicrons subpistons subregions subwardens suctorians suffixions suffragans suffusions sulcations sulfations summations sunscreens superjoins surrejoins suspicions swansdowns sweetcorns sympathins synkaryons tabellions tacticians talkathons tambourins tamoxifens tanghinins tarboggins tarnations tarpaulins tearstains technikons tellurians tellurions tenaillons tentations teratogens testaceans testations thaumatins thermogens thickskins thiofurans thiopyrans threadfins thumbikins thyratrons tiercerons titrations tortillons touchdowns traditions traducians tragedians trampolins travertins tretinoins triathlons tricerions triclosans trihedrons trilithons trinitrins trioxygens trisagions trochogons tropeolins truncheons turnagains typhoidins tyrocidins ubiquitins ululations unburthens unconcerns uncurtains undecagons underearns undergowns underplans undersigns underspins underturns unitarians urinations usucapions vacuations vallations valuations variations vasotocins veldskoens velveteens venditions verbarians vermilions vernations vibrations violations vitiations vulgarians walkathons washbasins watermains widershins witwantons woadwaxens woodgrains woodwaxens xanthogens yellowfins zoophagans zymotoxins