Words Extracted From The
Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

Enable Censored Word List (170,695 Words)

9 letter words ending with te in the enable censored word list.

This is a list of all words that end with the letters te and are 9 letters long contained within the enable censored word list.

529 Words

(0.309909 % of all words in this word list.)

abominate acclimate acetylate acidulate acuminate adipocyte adsorbate adumbrate aestivate affiliate affricate aggravate aggregate aliterate alleviate almandite altercate alternate aluminate alveolate amazonite amebocyte ammoniate anchorite andradite anglesite anhydrite anorthite antielite antiquate antistate antiwhite apiculate appellate approbate aragonite arbitrate argentite argillite arriviste ascorbate aspartate associate astrocyte asymptote athrocyte attenuate attribute austenite autoroute bacchante banquette barquette bedlamite belemnite bentonite biathlete bifurcate bilabiate bipartite bipinnate birthdate birthrate bisulfate bisulfite bivariate bombinate bookplate brachiate bracteate brecciate briolette briquette brochette brominate bryophyte calculate calibrate caliphate candidate captivate carbamate carbonate carnotite caseinate castigate celebrate celestite cellulite cementite cerebrate cerussite charlotte checkmate chocolate chondrite cigarette cingulate circinate circulate classmate clathrate coagulate cobaltite coelomate coenobite coenocyte colligate collimate collocate columbite comminute commutate composite conjugate consulate convolute cooperate coprolite corollate corporate correlate corrugate coruscate courgette covellite crenulate crepitate criminate croquette cucullate culminate cultivate cuspidate cyclamate dawsonite deaminate debutante deciduate decollate decollete decussate defalcate defoliate dehydrate delineate demarcate denervate denigrate deprecate depredate desecrate desiccate designate desperate destitute deuterate devaluate devastate diaconate dialysate dialyzate diatomite diplomate dirigiste disinvite dislocate disparate disrepute dissipate dissolute distraite doctorate doorplate downstate drawplate duplicate ejaculate elaborate elaterite eliminate elucidate elutriate endophyte entrecote enucleate enumerate enunciate epaulette eradicate erythrite etiquette eucaryote eukaryote evaporate evaporite eventuate exanimate exarchate excoriate exculpate exfoliate exonerate expatiate explicate expurgate exquisite exsiccate extenuate extirpate extradite extricate exuberate fabricate faceplate fascinate fecundate festinate fimbriate fishplate flechette floodgate fluctuate foretaste formulate fornicate fortunate frostbite frustrate fulgurate fulgurite fulminate fustigate gelignite georgette germinate geyserite gluconate glutamate granulate granulite gratulate gravitate habituate haematite halophyte handwrite handwrote hessonite hibernate hiddenite housemate humiliate hyphenate hypocrite imbricate immediate immigrate impetrate implicate imprecate inanimate incarnate incondite inculcate inculpate incurvate inebriate infatuate infuriate innervate inoculate insatiate insensate insinuate instigate institute integrate intestate intricate inviolate irradiate isogamete itinerate juniorate kaolinite kieserite laciniate lamellate langouste lazarette legislate leukocyte linoleate lintwhite liquidate lixiviate lorgnette lubricate luxuriate machinate macrocyte magnesite magnetite majorette malachite manganate manganite marcasite margarite marginate masticate meliorate mercurate merozoite mesophyte meteorite methylate microcyte micturate millerite ministate miscreate mislocate misrelate molybdate monzonite morganite mucronate multisite muscovite myelocyte nameplate natrolite negotiate nephelite niccolite nictitate nonfinite novelette novitiate nymphette obcordate obfuscate objurgate obstinate officiate olivenite orientate originate oscillate osteocyte oubliette outdebate overemote overstate overwrite overwrote oxygenate ozocerite ozokerite paillette palmitate palpitate papillate parachute passivate pastorate paupiette pectinate pegmatite penetrate perborate percolate perennate perforate perfusate persecute personate petiolate phagocyte phenacite phenakite phenolate phonolite phosphate phosphite pigeonite pirouette pollinate posthaste postulate potentate poussette predicate preterite procreate propagate prorogate prosecute proselyte prostrate protonate proustite proximate pullulate pulmonate punctuate quartette quartzite quintette rabbinate reanimate recompute recondite rectorate redingote reeducate reformate rehydrate reinflate reinstate reiterate reluctate remediate reoperate replicate reprobate repudiate requisite reradiate restitute retaliate retardate revaluate rhodolite rhodonite rubellite rubricate runcinate rusticate sacculate sagittate saprolite satellite scapolite scheelite scolecite segregate semimatte sepiolite serviette sheepcote shogunate snakebite socialite soleplate soubrette spatulate speculate sporulate stalemate staminate statuette stimulate stipulate stylobate subjugate sublimate subrogate substrate succinate suffocate sulfonate sultanate supercute superette suppurate surrogate sylvanite syncopate syndicate tablemate tantalate tantalite tanzanite temperate terminate tholeiite thymocyte titillate tittivate towelette tracheate translate transmute tremolite tribulate tribunate trilobate trilobite triturate tungstate turbidite turbinate typewrite typewrote uintahite umbellate underrate uraninite urceolate usherette uvarovite vaccinate vacillate vacuolate variegate ventilate vicariate vigilante vindicate vizierate wagonette willemite witherite wulfenite wyandotte xerophyte